13 Dumburra Ave Clifton Springs 3222

Dr Sharon Pedersen

Clinic director and Principle Chiropractor

Dr Sharon is the founder of Corrective Chiropractic Bellarine having graduated from RMIT University in 1996 after completing a 5 year double bachelor degree and becoming a Chiropractor.

Dr Sharon absolutely loves life on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula and has raised her 3 children here, now 23, 21 and 15. You will often find Sharon running Portarlington park run on a Saturday morning, racing athletics as a veteran athlete at Landy Field,  or walking her little Frenchie,  Blossom around Clifton Springs.

Helping people live their best life through optimising their mobility, and spinal health through all stages of life has been a major focus in all her years of practice. She is passionate about appreciating and continuing to learn more ways to enhance the body’s innate ability to heal itself naturally.

Dr Sharon first experienced chiropractic treatment as a child, and at the age of 17 knew that chiropractic was to be her lifelong path ahead. Even after practising for almost 30 years, she has only fallen more in love with the profession over the years!

The idea of a healthy nervous system to allow the expression of optimal health made complete sense to her back then and the future was clear!

In 2023 Dr Sharon is excited to be teaching more community wellness events around Geelong and the Bellarine to help people understand the true unlimited healing power of their incredible bodies.

Dr Sharon is passionate about fitness and experiencing life to the fullest herself. She is an international competitive masters athlete and holds the Australian record for 2000m steeplechase in 45years age group, as well as earning multiple national titles in various athletic track races.

In recent times  Dr Sharon has discovered the incredible health benefits of infrared sauna and has incorporated this modality into the practice for our patients to benefit also.

She is a mad Kangaroos fan and often wears the fan gear to footy matches with her children.