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What to Expect on Your First Visit

You will be sent an email before your first appointment which contains a welcome video from Dr Sharon explaining what to expect and a health intake form to complete. 

When you arrive, we will greet you with a warm welcoming smile and your chiropractor will go through your health history, current concerns and any specific health and lifestyle goals you have.

The chiropractor will perform a series of examinations,  including thermal nerve scans, postural and Range of motion assessments, full spine and nervous system assessment and take spinal x-rays here at our practice (if clinically indicated), to determine where your symptoms are coming from and the underlying cause of your problem.

This appointment is all about gathering information in order to work out if chiropractic care is right for you.

If we can help you with chiropractic, we will let you know and discuss best recommendations and treatment options with you.

If the Doctor feels further testing is required she will discuss that with you and direct you appropriately.

Please allow 45 minutes for your first visit.


New Patient Special

 Come in to discover how we can help you with your health and improve your quality of life, for ONLY $85.


  • History and Consultation
  • Spine, Postural and Range of Mobility Examination
  • Full Spinal Digital X-rays (if clinically indicated)
  • Spinal Insight thermal scans, EMG tests, HRV , and specific neurological tests
  • Detailed explanation of results

Call us NOW on 5252 800 and mention this offer.